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Now you can stay at White House Farm wildlife site and experience this special place through dawn and dusk.
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With the help of 30 volunteers, and guidance from Jeff Saward (author of Labyrinths and Mazes of the World and Magical Paths) a classical 7-circuit turf labyrinth was created at the edge of Old Mede in May 2008. The labyrinth is used as an educational, inspirational and healing tool.

Labyrinths are generally recognised as unicursal mazes found represented in art, carved onto stone or as a physical construction such as the beautifully preserved pavement labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, France which was constructed during the second decade of the 13th century. Labyrinths have historically been used for group ritual or individual meditation to help gain greater awareness and connect with the life-force of the land. Walking the labyrinth can become a symbolic pilgrimage.

At special events we have candle lit the labyrinth to create a magical space for celebrations. Traditional celebrations of the turning of the seasons take place here as well as individual and guided walking meditations.

We welcome enquiries about use of the labyrinth for the purpose of healing, celebration and meditation and if you are interested in participating in labyrinth based events or participating in future projects at White House Farm, please contact us.

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