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Now you can stay at White House Farm wildlife site and experience this special place through dawn and dusk.
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Tree Circle
Oak in winter

In 2008 Sinfield Trust staff and volunteers planted a tree circle in Wych Meadow.

The 42m diameter double circle is formed by 12 small-leaved limes, 4 English oaks, 24 white hawthorns and 8 red hawthorns. The trees were planted on the optimal day according to the moon cycle and sidereal rhythms with the oak trees marking the points of the compass. The inspiration for this planting came from a tree circle on farm meadows at Bramfield near Halesworth.

A growing number of psychologists believe that many of the problems currently facing people, including depression, anxiety and stress, are due in part to our alienation from nature. The tree circle has become an outdoor space for contemplation and meditation providing an experience of the healing power of nature and we welcome enquiries from individuals and organisations who would like to share this experience.

Recognising the interconnection of all living things and the relationship between all parts of our existence is a step towards the holistic, wholesome awareness that we hope to encourage at White House Farm.

Tree Circle
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