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Now you can stay at White House Farm wildlife site and experience this special place through dawn and dusk.
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Red fox Blackcap Comma butterfly Pyramidal orchid British White cattle grazing in meadow

The Sinfield Nature Conservation Trust was founded by Stanley and Grace Sinfield and Amanda Daniel, becoming a registered charity in 1994.
The Trust's main objective is to advance the conservation of wildlife and wild places to benefit the public.

The Trust aims to:

  • Support the future of nature conservation by actively involving people in the skills of appreciation and protection of the natural environment and its wildlife.
  • Enhance understanding of the interdependent relationship between people and their natural environment.
  • Preserve and protect areas of the natural environment and historic sites.
  • Provide facilities for teachers of environmental and holistic practices.
  • Provide learning environments to directly involve people with the natural environment.
  • Improve people's relationship with the land and their appreciation of rural heritage.
  • Provide facilities for retreat and contemplation in peaceful and inspirational natural surroundings.
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