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Now you can stay at White House Farm wildlife site and experience this special place through dawn and dusk.
Suffolk Wildlife
White House Farm
Ox eye daisies and buttercups Barn owl Large skipper Ancient oak tree Harvest mouse

White House Farm in Hasketon is a rural haven for wildlife in the heart of Suffolk and it provides an ideal site for integrating nature, creativity and education. This organic site includes woodland, ancient trees and ponds.

One of the main attractions of the site is the species-rich wildflower meadows which have spectacular displays of orchids and are managed using traditional practices of hay-making and grazing by the Trust's rare breed cattle.

The farm is bordered by the ancient Boulge Wood and is surrounded by over 20 acres of wide hedgerows which provide excellent wildlife habitat, especially for small mammals and over fifty bird species.

Man-made features of the land include a classical 7 circuit turf labyrinth and a tree circle formed of an inner and outer circle of oaks, lime and hawthorn. The Trust has created nature trails for visitors to explore the land which take in a wide variety of the farm's features while leaving sensitive habitats undisturbed.

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